A New Spin on Wine Awards

The Wine Experience, Wine — By KF Louis on December 14, 2009 at 12:57 pm

Wine competitions have been around for ages, and until recently, not much has changed in the methodology behind how wines are assessed and evaluated.

If you’ve ever looked at the results of one of these famous wine awards you will notice that the winners tend to be the big, bold, super-intense wines. And if you like those types of wines, this is great. But, if the high-intensity wines are too bitter and potent for you, this doesn’t help you find a new wine to try.

The Consumer Wine Awards at Lodi (CWAL) is trying to change the world of wine competitions.  Rather than celebrate the traditional winners, it intends to celebrate the scientific reasons that people like different types of wine.

What did I just say?  Let me explain…

Everyone has taste buds on their tongue—but how many taste buds we have is up for discussion. It can range from 11 to 1,100 taste buds per square centimeter! The more buds you have, the more sensitive you are to the bitterness of intense wines and more likely you are to enjoy a more delicate, sweet wine—the types of wines that don’t win the traditional wine competitions. CWAL will be a different breed of competition—one where consumers get scientifically screened for taste preferences and then get to vote on wines that compliment those preferences. CWAL is excited to simplify wine, directing drinkers to excellent wines, no matter where they appear on the Taste Sensitivity Quotient scale. You can visit www.tastesq.com and find out what your taste preferences are.

Wine merit will be appraised and correlated to taste preferences and shared values of consumers. Upon completion of the judging, consumers will be able to use an online questionnaire to discover their individual taste sensitivity and then be directed to review and purchase the award-winning wines that appeal specifically to their own unique taste preferences.

Where did this movement to revolutionize the wine industry come from? The mastermind behind the Consumer Wine Awards at Lodi is Master of Wine Tim Hanni. Mr. Hanni—a man on a mission to take away the wine-snob mentality and unite all wine drinkers by knocking down the barriers that have existed forever. Hanni will also be the responsible for training the 100+ consumer judges on tasting techniques for the CWAL.

Mark you calendars for the CWAL on March 14-15, 2010. A search for consumer judges will go down beginning of 2010 so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in applying. More information is on the web site: www.consumerwineawards.com. Check it out.

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