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Interview: Barry Jackson, Bard of Bubbles

Barry Jackson 2

I’m expecting a few arrows in my back for the story that I just wrote for Edible Monterey Bay Magazine:  Bard of Bubbles:  Barry Jackson and his Equinox Champagne Cellars. I went out on a limb and said that sparkling wines made in the U.S. are not all that different from comparatively priced counterparts in [...]

How restaurants ruin your wine

restaurant wine

The newly opened St. Vincent just rocked my world.  It’s a restaurant started by David Lynch, whose forte is wine (former sommelier for Babbo and Quince).  It has one of the best medium-sized lists I have ever seen, and meanwhile, the food is humbly amazing. But walking out of there Saturday night, I realized my [...]

Review: Fatted Calf, Please Throw Me a Bone

lamb loin chops

I greatly appreciate that Fatted Calf is in my SF neighborhood, and the meat/product quality that it delivers to every corner of the shiny glass case.  The staff is simply awesome. The issue I have is this: they charge an outsized premium for what they do, and so I rarely come out of the shop [...]

My Interview with Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon


Randall Grahm has been making wine for more than 30 years and pushing the envelope when it comes to standards for premium wines in the United States.  For example, he put screw caps on premium wines in 2000, at a time when research showed affluent consumers would scoff at such practices.  When most wineries were [...]

How ‘Turley’ went from $7 to $45 a bottle


There are times when your trusted wine retailer can’t do everything for you. Because they can’t be everywhere and stock everything, it’s important that you do your own scouting of up-and-coming regions for good values. And besides, it’s fun! This is a story about how the Pesenti zinfandel vineyard, that once turned out wines at $7 [...]

Corkscrew FAIL


I used to be into high ceremony and flashy accessories when it came to opening wine. When having guests over, I would proudly walk over to my laminated box full of glitzy accessories and conduct the ritual that I thought ‘serious’ wine drinkers should perform — you know, the foil cutter, an antique wine funnel [...]