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$15 Shiraz fans – take a look at Jumilla from Spain


I continue to hear reports about a decline in the quality of $10-20 shiraz coming out of Australia.   Prices are the same, but many wines are less drinkable due to mass production on many brands exported to the U.S. For example, the Rosemount Black Diamond shiraz, which has been pretty unremarkable for the past [...]

Rosenblum 2005 Syrah, $11


Behold, the great 2009 Rosenblum sell-off! Here is a rare opportunity to pick its zinfandels and syrahs at the $10-20 price, because it’s shrinking its portfolio of small-production wines and instead producing more of the stars like Rockpile zinfandel. I love Rosenblum but quit the club, because I kept noticing that it is dumping its inventory [...]

Wine shopping at Safeway…finding a needle in the haystack


On the hunt for new value wines, I’ll usually tell you to steer clear of large grocery stores, because wine is ‘just another category’ in the grander scheme of the store. This means there will be no expert walking around offering his opinion of which pinot noir is best of the 40 available.  Instead, you [...]