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Find your Vinotype profile, find wines you love


A while back, I wrote a post that discussed the unreliability of wine competitions and cited a study from the Journal of Wine Economics.  The study examined 13 wine competitions in the U.S. and found that there was no consensus among the different outcomes.  The bottom line:  wines that were awarded medals at one event, [...]

Five ‘I-dare-you’ wine resolutions for 2013


In the spirit of New Year resolutions, and in the purpose of this blog, I’ve got some radical wine resolutions for you which are all intended to help you expand your current wine horizon, and keep more bucks in the bank.  Which of these will you take on? Kick local, go global. Greenies and carbon [...]

On building your first wine cellar home images

In 1999, my wine collection was about 500 bottles — the largest it has ever been. Somehow I had convinced myself that this is what wine enthusiasts should do, and I would be even better off if I started architecting a 2,000-bottle cellar plan. So I got my hands on a blueprint for wine storage [...]

How restaurants ruin your wine

restaurant wine

The newly opened St. Vincent just rocked my world.  It’s a restaurant started by David Lynch, whose forte is wine (former sommelier for Babbo and Quince).  It has one of the best medium-sized lists I have ever seen, and meanwhile, the food is humbly amazing. But walking out of there Saturday night, I realized my [...]

Wine preservation methods for an open bottle


At our home,  weekday wine drinking habits are erratic, meaning we often open a bottle that may be left around for up to 4 days.  On  ‘pour and store’ occasions, I keep some important tools on hand to prevent the bottle from spoiling and wasting not only the wine, but my money as well. The [...]

NYC perfects the recession-era wine list


I was in New York last week.  You can definitely feel the recession’s pinch on Manhattan’s food scene. But as usual, restaurateurs are rising above the challenge. Their latest invention: the perfect recession-era wine list, featuring a wealth of carefully chosen value wines from around the world. The key words here are carefully chosen.  It’s one [...]

Wine medal competition study reveals…randomness!

My first bout with Lafite can only be seen as wasted opportunity!

I’m pretty transparent about my pet peeves about the wine industry, and near the top of that list is wine medal competitions.  It’s because, with few exceptions, I haven’t been able to correlate  gold-silver-bronze with my personal experience.  And because, I see many people rely too heavily on such medals. But recently, I’ve felt vindicated.  [...]

A New Spin on Wine Awards

wine awards

Wine competitions have been around for ages, and until recently, not much has changed in the methodology behind how wines are assessed and evaluated. If you’ve ever looked at the results of one of these famous wine awards you will notice that the winners tend to be the big, bold, super-intense wines. And if you [...]

Inaugral blog post: My ’82 Lafite Massacre


The most prestigious bottle I have ever tasted was my first: a 1982 Chateau  Lafite Rothschild, which I expertly poured out evenly across five dirty margarita glasses and slugged back in two gulps with four of my wine-ignorant friends. We ‘pounded’ it, as 21-year-olds said back in the day. I soon realized that the ’82 [...]

Should you spend $20 on a single wine glass?

riedel Logo_2006

About 8 years ago, I heard the Riedel glassware pitch at a wine tasting event. The marketing professional in me sat skeptical in the back of the room as they told us how every glass in their extensive product line was created to suit the characteristics of a particular wine. They went on about how bowl [...]