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Holiday wine pairing advice


Ready or not, the holiday season is here.  And as if there isn’t enough to worry about – gifts to buy, decorations to get up, etc., etc. – if you are hosting a holiday meal you’re likely wondering what wine to pair with dinner. Let me reiterate some advice from an earlier post:  don’t spend [...]

Holiday wine – pairing to the people


Ugh.  The first holiday wine pairing request just came in…which ones will go best with a Thanksgiving dinner featuring thyme-roasted turkey with gingered-cranberry stuffing?  My answer: beer and Boone’s Farm.  Gewurztraminer and Coke.  Pinot and Pelligrino. I know that’s a wacky answer.  But I’m serious.  Thanksgiving dinner is NOT the place to play a headdy wine-to-food [...]