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5 tips to keep Whole Foods from becoming ‘whole paycheck’


I’m guessing that 90% of Whole Foods customers have made the ‘Whole Paycheck’ complaint at least once in the past 10 years.  Why not?  This crack gets a laugh. Me?  I’m starting to get irritated.  Because what I’m realizing is that the complaint comes from lazy shoppers.  Here is my take on why the Whole [...]

Holiday wine pairing advice


Ready or not, the holiday season is here.  And as if there isn’t enough to worry about – gifts to buy, decorations to get up, etc., etc. – if you are hosting a holiday meal you’re likely wondering what wine to pair with dinner. Let me reiterate some advice from an earlier post:  don’t spend [...]

Review: Fatted Calf, Please Throw Me a Bone

lamb loin chops

I greatly appreciate that Fatted Calf is in my SF neighborhood, and the meat/product quality that it delivers to every corner of the shiny glass case.  The staff is simply awesome. The issue I have is this: they charge an outsized premium for what they do, and so I rarely come out of the shop [...]

100+ Thanksgiving side dishes

This turkey cake featured on, did not make the cut for innovative side dishes at my family table this year.  No doubt turkey cake is good, but I can't get my head around the "form." If it's on a cake plate, it should be dessert, right?

If you’ve been to my house for an evening, you know that I use dinner parties as a platform for experimentation. Thanksgiving, not so much. I learned a hard lesson about experimentation – which I later dubbed the “Disaster of ’96,” when I gave the family Thanksgiving dinner a modern, ‘sophisticated’ facelift without asking my [...]

Holiday wine – pairing to the people


Ugh.  The first holiday wine pairing request just came in…which ones will go best with a Thanksgiving dinner featuring thyme-roasted turkey with gingered-cranberry stuffing?  My answer: beer and Boone’s Farm.  Gewurztraminer and Coke.  Pinot and Pelligrino. I know that’s a wacky answer.  But I’m serious.  Thanksgiving dinner is NOT the place to play a headdy wine-to-food [...]

Corkscrew FAIL


I used to be into high ceremony and flashy accessories when it came to opening wine. When having guests over, I would proudly walk over to my laminated box full of glitzy accessories and conduct the ritual that I thought ‘serious’ wine drinkers should perform — you know, the foil cutter, an antique wine funnel [...]