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5 tips to keep Whole Foods from becoming ‘whole paycheck’


I’m guessing that 90% of Whole Foods customers have made the ‘Whole Paycheck’ complaint at least once in the past 10 years.  Why not?  This crack gets a laugh. Me?  I’m starting to get irritated.  Because what I’m realizing is that the complaint comes from lazy shoppers.  Here is my take on why the Whole [...]

Interview: Barry Jackson, Bard of Bubbles

Barry Jackson 2

I’m expecting a few arrows in my back for the story that I just wrote for Edible Monterey Bay Magazine:  Bard of Bubbles:  Barry Jackson and his Equinox Champagne Cellars. I went out on a limb and said that sparkling wines made in the U.S. are not all that different from comparatively priced counterparts in [...]

Find your Vinotype profile, find wines you love


A while back, I wrote a post that discussed the unreliability of wine competitions and cited a study from the Journal of Wine Economics.  The study examined 13 wine competitions in the U.S. and found that there was no consensus among the different outcomes.  The bottom line:  wines that were awarded medals at one event, [...]

Five ‘I-dare-you’ wine resolutions for 2013


In the spirit of New Year resolutions, and in the purpose of this blog, I’ve got some radical wine resolutions for you which are all intended to help you expand your current wine horizon, and keep more bucks in the bank.  Which of these will you take on? Kick local, go global. Greenies and carbon [...]

On building your first wine cellar home images

In 1999, my wine collection was about 500 bottles — the largest it has ever been. Somehow I had convinced myself that this is what wine enthusiasts should do, and I would be even better off if I started architecting a 2,000-bottle cellar plan. So I got my hands on a blueprint for wine storage [...]

$15 Shiraz fans – take a look at Jumilla from Spain


I continue to hear reports about a decline in the quality of $10-20 shiraz coming out of Australia.   Prices are the same, but many wines are less drinkable due to mass production on many brands exported to the U.S. For example, the Rosemount Black Diamond shiraz, which has been pretty unremarkable for the past [...]

How restaurants ruin your wine

restaurant wine

The newly opened St. Vincent just rocked my world.  It’s a restaurant started by David Lynch, whose forte is wine (former sommelier for Babbo and Quince).  It has one of the best medium-sized lists I have ever seen, and meanwhile, the food is humbly amazing. But walking out of there Saturday night, I realized my [...]

Holiday wine pairing advice


Ready or not, the holiday season is here.  And as if there isn’t enough to worry about – gifts to buy, decorations to get up, etc., etc. – if you are hosting a holiday meal you’re likely wondering what wine to pair with dinner. Let me reiterate some advice from an earlier post:  don’t spend [...]

Vouvray and chenin blanc demystified


Americans like wine categories that are easy to understand. Vouvray is not one of them, but don’t let it stop you from an amazing category of wine.

“Voov-ray” isn’t easy to pronounce, and it’s not actually a grape. It’s an appellation located in France’s Loire Valley. And more complicated yet, there are many different wine styles that may contain Vouvray on the label.

Cut your Champagne bill in half — try Cremant – the ‘other’ French bubbly


My first experience with sparkling wine was lackluster:  It was a $4 bottle of Cook’s on New Year’s Eve with some friends, and none of us knew anything about wine.  But as with most twentysomethings, the bottle disappeared rather quickly, with very little interest, and it was back to the 24 pack. Needless to day, [...]